Our Products

  • Accessories and beds for dogs and cats
  • Home decor
  • Aprons and practicle bags

Our Process

The brand JACK & LOU, is a range of textile work imagined, created, hand drawn and made in Quebec.

The drawings and patterns are digitized on the computer and printed on a virgin 100% polyester
fabric by the sublimation method. This process allows to bake the ink at high temperature so the
colors of each item remain impeccable and durable. Know that all our items are offered in several colors.

All the pieces necessary for the confection are cut and assembled at the workshop. We then
distribute them to our seamstress artists who make sure to sew each piece so as to avoid fraying.
Then, in order to offer maximum quality, all items are individually checked prior to sale.



We promote the sustainability of our products with thoughtful understanding and craftsmanship.
To be in agreement with our values and convictions all our collections are printed and madelocally.



Local purchase and manufacture | Teamwork | Creativity | Passion | Quality

We are passionate people who encourage people in our region. We are constantly seeking to
cultivate links in our community. Our employees remain close to the company. They are paid
fairly and they are proud to participate in our projects. Therefore, the end product is always of high quality.